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To-day I return the same subject, reinforced a growing favorable public sentiment, and strengthened what has been accomplished, in part at least, in the direction which sanitation tends as a finality the questions the disposal sewage and house and street wastes. find out I ask the indulgence the Association, therefore, while I briefly pass in review some the complaints as the unsanitary condition many the cities and towns Europe and Asia, as well as our own country, for the purpose merely suggesting the glaring defects present systems, even the best them, notwithstand Read abstract before the european Public Health Association, Louis, ing the careful this supervision officials, the force almost sumptuary sanitary Who wants to write my essay laws, and the favorable disposition healthy-minded people, speech writing service uk dissertation anxious promote the highest sanitary purposes. essay writing service discount By this review I propose http://jewmus.dk/en/i_need_help_with_a_thesis/ prove and make plain that when the people not complain polluted water, as they have in most book editing service cities, they sewer-gas that when online proofreader resting seemingly secure in an approximately good system sewerage like that Waring, they have complain the means for and dissertation writers in london methods sewage disposal that the London method, exhaustively expensive, the Thames find out still nothing better than a wide, open sewer that the Paris method only partial, and too expensive and altogether impossible for here large cities that the New York method the docks are filled with excreta and the entrance the harbor threatened bars formed the street and house wastes, carried http://jewmus.dk/en/medical_research_paper_writing_service/ out sea at great expense barges and that rivers are being destroyed sewage, that kill the fish, the poor man's free food crop, and make what was once a source health a permanent nuisance. here I propose prove that as privies and cesspools are condemned because they saturate the soil, example thesis sewers are condemned, in some instances for the site same reason, and because writing service company they throw off and fill dwellings writing services for research papers with sewer-gas, and fill docks and harbors and rivers with deathdealing sewage. In a word, I propose prove that all present plans sewage disposal are defective, because they are not final, because they merely contemplate the removal and not the destruction what conceded the prime factor in promoting and perpetuating, if not the originating cause much the disease that decimates city and country alike. I propose prove that cremation a finality sanitation, and that all other methods are many make-shifts for the postponement the evil day, which, when comes, as many days postponement help paper write my papers or accumulation that much worse. We will, then, consider the admission essay editing service present sanitary condition a few the cities the world, as the facts have reached during the present year from responsible sources, first taking those cities in Europe that for months during this year have been prominent for the prevalence epidemic cholera, and two which Toulon and Naples can only matched for filth the The Ultimate Sanitation Fire,Consul Mason, painting a picture the condition the check harbor Marseilles as a prime factor in the rise and progress the cholera epidemic last summer that cannot this ignored wise and unprejudiced sanitarians, says Both Marseilles and Toulon suffered terribly in the cholera epidemic. quality custom essay During the nineteen years since then, Marseilles has been, in several important respects, almost rebuilt.
Her pavements, her sewerage system, her water-supply, and method cleaning streets, removing night-soil, inspecting and regulating markets, her quarantine regulations and hospital facilities, are all probably unsurpassed in excellence those any European or european city.
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